Residual materials collections


The collection schedule is listed in a single calendar, distributed by the Municipality.

For any other information concerning the collections, please contact the Municipality of the Township of Havelock at 450 826-4741 or by email at

  • Batteries and light bulbs: you can recycle them through specialized channels. There are also many collection points in supermarkets.
  • Expired medicines: they must be brought to a pharmacy to ensure that they are disposed of environmentally and safely.
  • Electrical and electronic equipment: there are dedicated channels for this type of waste material. You can take them to a distributor. You can also donate it to an association or drop it off at an eco-center. Some mobile operators will take your old cell phone back to the store to recondition it or give it to an association.
  • Edible oils: they can be disposed of in your regular bin in small quantities, but it is preferable to dispose of them in eco centers.
  • Motor oil and other waste oils : you can dispose of these oils in eco-centers.
  • Tires: they must be brought to a garage or an eco-center. Don’t hesitate to call your garage in advance to make sure they take the old tires. You can also bring them to the municipal garage without the rims.

By depositing your waste materials in the right place, you are helping to protect the environment.

Les encombrants sont collectés trois fois par année. Voir le calendrier des collectes pour connaître les dates.

Accepted materials: (Please note that this list is not exhaustive)

Examples of bulky items accepted :


-Appliances (vacuum cleaner, microwave)
-Bathtub (acrylic or fiberglass), sink, toilet
-Barbecue (without compressed gas tank)
-Garden hoses
-Appliances (refrigerator must be emptied of identified halocarbon)
-Plastic pool filters (emptied)
-Large plastic objects (furniture, toys)
-Mattresses, box springs, bed bases
-Furniture (bookcase, desk, chair, dresser, table)
-Pool parts
-Interior doors
-Hot water tank (910 L capacity or cut in 2)

Refused materials: (Please note that this list is not exhaustive)

Examples of bulky items that are refused :

-Light bulbs (lamps, lights)
-Dead animals
-Gas powered appliances (lawnmowers, snowblowers)
-Compressed gas cylinders
-Bulk materials: asphalt, concrete, wood, spoil, rubble, stone, rock, sand, soil (contaminated or not)
-Car parts / tires
-Electronic products
-Household hazardous waste
-Construction waste (including lumber), renovation or demolition waste
-Opaque plastic bags
-Excess household waste
*Items that are too large or too solid to be placed in a compactor truck will not be accepted.

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